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The HLA is directly supporting Ukraine’s crisis aid response by sharing vital logistics information with our global network.

Alongside the information provided in this page, we are connecting private, diaspora, NGOs and public sector stakeholders to maximise logistics efforts. See below links to access useful aid logistics information in relation to the Ukraine Crisis.

Support the HLA’s Ukraine response efforts by donating below. All donations go towards improving our aid logistics information sharing to complement coordination efforts for the crisis.

Guidance on Donations

HLA and its partner Bioport are leading on communications on unsolicited donations from the Public in support of the Ukraine Crisis

Click here for general advice on unsolicited donations - when they are, and are not, appropriate and what is useful

HLA advisors outline how best you can help

BBC News report on donations

Other Useful Logistics resources

Airlink is supporting transportation for assessment and emergency response teams from nonprofit partners to Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova

See further details here

Logistic Aide Ukraine offers a simple, quick way for connecting those seeking logistics support with getting supplies to Ukraine or neighbouring countries with companies that provide logistics services

Visit Logistic Aide Ukraine

RefAid is a mobile app for connecting vulnerable populations and migrants with critical services, guidance, and information posted by different stakeholders. The app has recently been made available in Ukrainian as well as its border countries

Download the RefAid app at the App Store or Google Play.

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UN OCHA are publishing regular operational maps and humanitarian impact sitreps on the Ukraine crisis

The UN Logistics Cluster provide regular transport and logistics sitreps, customs procedures and planning maps and other useful documents for the Ukraine response.

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